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Dr. Friedman Provided Quality Cardiology Care to the Residents of North Carolina
Loved by his patients and his staff, we are very sad to report that Dr. Friedman passed away unexpectedly on April 10, 2014.   You can read more about Dr. Friedman's distinguished career, legacy and the thoughts of his patients on his passing at

Each April 3, is his birthday.   Think of him while wishing him a happy birthday.  🎂

He is missed by both his patients and staff.   The practice's loving and caring staff misses his patients, too.    

Good Boy, Winston!

We loved our patients and we loved Dr. Friedman.   He was like no other.

A unique medical group…

Dr. Friedman's Heart and Vascular practice was the premiere heart and vascular practice in Johnston County, outside of Raleigh North Carolina featuring leading cardiologist, Dr. Kenneth Friedman.  He brought together under one roof a highly trained, experienced team, and with extensive state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities. His dedicated staff worked as a team, consulting regularly and collaborating to provide patients with thorough, in-depth care.

He provided patient centric care and concern that helped healing and the patient's well being.

His practice was associated with one of the most modern community hospitals in the nation, Johnston Health


What Patients and Others Have Said:

Immediately I knew he was different than my other doctors.  He was interested in me, in my life, in my family's life, my work; in short he was interested in me the patient and not just the symptoms.

    - RS, Patient

Dr. Friedman is the one, out of all of [the many doctors I see] where I feel the most compassionate care....I feel so much more secure after hearing his voice and receiving his advice.

     - JB, Patient

He is very professional and ready to answer all my questions.

      - FJ, Patient

His personality is charismatic and blends with all types of people.  I have seen him interact with children, adults, and older adults in a way that many people cannot do.

      - JP Patient

He listens to the patients and then explains the problems they have in a way they can understand and get them the medical attention they need.

     - CS, Patient

Dr. Friedman not only has excellent clinical skills and is probably the finest clinical caridologist I know, but he also has important values and ideals concerning the compassionate care of patients with cardiovascular disease.

      - FW, MD

With Dr. Friedman's affiliation with Johnston Medical Center, I was immediately impressed with both his clinical acumen and compassionate care for his patients.

        - LT, MD